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2 x Large 80/85L Litre Black Plastic Bin Ideal for Outdoor / Rubbish / Waste / Dustbin / Animal Feed

UK Manufactured / Made from strong food grade plastic
Comes with carry handles for easy relocation / Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use – dustbin, animal feed, general storage etc
The locking lid will keep the bin rodent free if used for animal feed storage

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2KG Dried Mealworms for Wild Bird Food

High protein wild bird food
Freshly packed for you
Attracts many species of wild birds particualrily robins blackbirds and thrushes

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3 Litre Economy Drinker and 3kg Economy Feeder Red and White Set

Feeder has anti scratch bars
Both have handles for easy cleaning
Both come apart for easy cleaning

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5 Litres Chubby Dried Mealworms for Wild Birds Only

Mealworms-Online is now Chubby Mealworms
Chubby Mealworms are the #1 Supplier of Dried Mealworms in North America
High Quality Dried Mealworms with Free Shipping

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Barrier Animal Healthcare Red Mite Concentrate, 500 ml

Suitable for use in organic and intensive farming systems
Fast acting formula
Last up to 6 weeks

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Battles Poultry Red Mite Powder – 500g

Gives protection against mites and lice
Contains a insect repellent
Apply the powder directly from the shaker over the affected areas of the bird

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Bee Hotel & Flower Seeds for Bees by Plant Theatre – Excellent Gift Idea

The Bee Hotel is a great way to help boost the population of bees in your garden – and includes Flower Seeds for Bees
The Bee Hotel mimics the conditions suitable for solitary bees which are non aggressive
Bees are probably the most important pollinators and are in decline due to the loss of nesting and feeding habitats

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Bee Suit, OUTERDO Protective Beekeeping Veil Smock Beekeeper Suit Coat Jacket Equipment with Hat&Gloves

Material: Cotton
Color: White
Suit Shoulder Width: 38cm Sleeve Length: 55cm Hat Diameter: 39cm Hat Height: 27cm

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Biolink Poultry Shield Concentrate 5 Liter

For cleaning and sanitising all animal housing and equipment
Removes built up dirt, faecal and waxy deposits
Removes the organic matter in which mites live and breed

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Cat Carrier – Small Pet Travel Carrier Fabric Pet Carrier Airline Approved Carrier Bags for Puppy and Kitty IATA Approved Cat Carry Case Dog Carrier Load up to 3.5 KG Black

AIRLINE APPROVED PET TRAVEL CARRIER – KIDDYWOOF IATA approved Pet Carrier is designed with plenty of mesh panels that allow for maximum amenity and ventilation, which assures your pet of free breath as well as a comfortable stay.
SMALL PET CARRIER WITH PADDED SHOULDER STRAP – The shoulder strap is padded to make carrying as easy as possible. Besides the hand carrying straps, this pet carrier also has straps on both sides to make access to car seatbelt.
FABRIC PET CARRIER WITH EXTERIOR STORAGE – An Exterior Storage Pocket on the front gives you a place to keep essentials for your beloved pet when going out, such as a leash, water or gourmet pet foods.

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